Transaction Processing, Functional Applications

تصویر  پویان اسمعیل زاده در نت نشر

توسط پویان اسمعیل زاده در 21 مرداد 1389 در دسته‌بندی دانشــگاهی

1650 بار مطالعه شده اولین نظر را بدهید
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    Transaction Processing, Functional Applications, CRM, and Integration .
    Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is software that facilitates the plan for purchasing or producing parts, subassemblies, or materials in the case of interdependent items. It integrates Master Production Schedules, BOM’s and Inventory levels.
    Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) adds functionalities to a regular MRP system by determining the costs of parts and the associated cash flow. It also estimates costs of labor, tools, equipment repair, and energy while generating a requirements report.
    Just-in-Time Systems is an approach that attempts to minimize waste of all kinds (of space, labor, materials, energy, and so on) and to continuously improve processes and systems. The JIT concept is used in mass customization and build-to-order environments.
    Project Management. A project is usually a one-time effort composed of many interrelated activities, costing a substantial amount of money, and lasting for weeks or years. Software tools such as: program evaluation and review technique (PERT) and the critical path method (CPM) are used to manage milestones, resources, costs, etc.
    Work Management Systems (WMS) automatically manage the prioritization and distribution of work. These systems deal with resource allocation and reallocation.

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