Evaluation of a Well Drilling Operation by Drill Office Software

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    Oil industry consists of four steps namely exploration, drilling, production and refining. Among all drilling is a complex and perilous process and trial and error may not be applied in this industry. Owing to this fact before the inception of the drilling operation all aspects of the job should be considered and everything should be designed appropriately. Drilling operation design includes only a small percent of total costs regarding to drilling operation but, if done properly can be really beneficial and leads to optimization of drilling operation and this optimization may save us millions dollars and help use run a safe drilling process.
    Various software has been introduced for design of drilling process. In the recent study one of these software, Drill office a product of Schlumberger in conjugation with forecast geological data are used in order to optimize the drilling operation.
    Well number X located in an Iranian oil field (an Iranian south oil field) was selected for this work. Optimized drilling operation parameters were predicted through software assisted calculations.

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